Transition: Logo Legacy…

So right now this is what my logo and name look like for my Style Transition blog.

How did I get to this? Where is my developement? My assessment modules ask. Well in this post I shall take you through the inspirations, development and legacy of the Transition ‘T’ Logo.


The name or shall we say word “Transition” came from a college project (which got me here!) on magazine design. For the project I had to come up with a name, design a name style, logo or both and also for visuals mock up a front cover and double page spread with markers.

For the project I remember Liverpool at that period of time was going through a big change retail wise. A couple of years previous the Metquarter Shopping Mall opened and a new shopping centre was under construction known as Liverpool ONE. With this information I did some word association to make the name choice of transition.

During my time in the Graphic Design course I developed an interest in typography and layout with Neville Brody being one of my main influences.


The iconic Face magazine

The typeface used for “The Face” Name style was designed by Brody himself which I have not to this day been able to find the name of. I liked (and do still like) the fact that it is boldly simple and red background exemplifies this and draws your eye in.

The 1st ever Transition cover featuring the newly built Met Quarter.


The Original Transition name style.

For my “Transition” name style I took Brody’s typeface and tried to make it my own by bringing the characters closer together also known as kerning and also I shortened the I’s on the “ITI” to push the legibility (readability) boundaries. It also made a unique shape which i carried over to the double page spread for the article end stop.

Transition - Under construction double page spread


The 'ITI' insignia acting as an article end stop.

It all started with a name style…


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