Coming along nicely…

So I’m coming to the end of my final major project of this year and I think my campaign is coming along great. I have a few things show my readers as I’ve been very busy working on it the last couple of weeks. First off we’ll have a look at my statement of intent and what I had hoped to produce:

Let me condense that:

My fashion campaign is to promote my style blog (Style Transition) to a wider network and I’ve chosen to do it Virally (through the use of Graphic design and also Video.

Why am I doing this? Well my blog gets hits through my social networks such as Twitter and Facebook but I’d like to expand on that as much as I possibly can in a creative way and attract it to wider audiences.

In my previous posts I have taken you through my initial ideas of t-shirt production and also projection ideas but now I shall show you some of my final outputs.

Above is the poster and sticker set I have created for the expansion and viral campaign.

The posters have used considered yet simple design. It is all about the layout:

poster 1 - Footwear

Poster 2 - Shoe boxes

poster 3 - Food!

Poster 4 - Liverpool Skyline

The Logo in the posters contain imagery of my interests as far as the blog goes. That being said the blog is a personal reflection of myself but then again there maybe content that interests others. I think they work very well as set – eye-catching yet simple.

The Stickers:

Sticker Set

Rest assured I have done my research into sticker sets and have once again decided to keep things simple and considered with the typography being keyaswell as the logo and also simple colour selection. “I don’t do hype… I just do me”. is a term I’ve used for at least a year now and it has become as much a part of the blog as it has myself. I believe it is a very strong statement.

I havent finished the videos as yet but I am preparing for a long editing session this weekend so keep a lookout!

Just wanted to keep people updated!


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