Hey whoever is reading out there!

Well you know my name so here’s a little about myself:

4 years ago I gave up pursuing an engineering career I hated to do something a lot more creative and its going very well so far…

I am now a  Fashion Student in my second year at Liverpool John Moores University studying for a degree in Fashion Communication.

I have love for street wear & graphics

I also have my own style blog over at www.styletransition.co.uk

So why a tumblr account also?

To show off a bit more what I do creatively and also to show visual references, Influences and Inspirations.



My life isn’t exactly boring…

So what’s the point in this blog???

It is going act as sort of online portfolio to display projects that i’m working on and to even show completed works just to get my stuff out there and not stuck in folder under my bed.

A lot of people I meet also ask what exactly it is that I do…

Keep your eyes peeled…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eugene Mensah,
    I really appreciate your work, specially after seeing styletransition.co.uk.

    I just read your article “Research: Swing Tags”. I need a favour from you. I am also doing a project on Hang/Swing tags in India, relating to Indian brands.
    Can you please provide your valuable comments on “hang tags” – what do you think about them and are they really important. Their importance according to the retailers(brands) and customers.
    I know, this is asking for much, but if you can spare some time, it’ll be of great help.


    • Hi Madhur!

      Thank you for your kind comments about both blogs respectively I really appreciate them. I can sure do a post on hang tags and they’re importance to brands and also the consumer. I’m not sure when but I definitely can. I just have a few things to do!

      Once again many thanks and keep reading!

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