Major Project Time…

So I’m in the final semster of my second year of university and it’s major project time. My tutors gave me the idea to blog this whole experience and process so that it can act like an online sketchbook as I do tend to work a lot more digitally these days! So this shall be the start.

Well module for this project is entitled Fashion Campaign and the aim of the module is to develop professional promotional skills.

There is no brief for this (I’ve pretty much been asked to write my own brief). I guess the tutors want us to bring something fresh and new to the table and maybe forget about what we think Fashion Communication is. Then again though I guess we bring our pre-conceptions to the table for analysis and investigation eh?

From the very briefing of this project I’ve had a big and what I thought was (and well what I still think is) a great idea, which was to expand my style blog Style Transition into a brand pretty much through the avenue of a daily style staple for me and a lot of other people – T-shirts. Below is a brief description of my blog and it’s history.

I'm not exactly sure what a hipster is really...?!

This is how I brainstorm...

T-shirts always seem like a great idea and it’s something I’ve always  wanted to produce but it has cons more than pros. A massive one being the fact that the market is pretty much saturated so it’s pretty difficult to stand out… Also, thinking about the module itself producing T-shirts and underpinnings such as swing tags does not exactly shout out Fashion Campaign. So maybe it’s time to push in another direction:

More to come…