Transition Viral…

It’s not amazing, I know that. But it’s my first attempt at creating a video.

This 30 second viral took a few hours to edit… Really though!

I don’t think I want to be an editor but I hope that over the summer I can up my editing skills but in the meantime I’m pretty much open to criticism!

Experimentation: Arduino

So I’ve experimented with an initial idea of t-shirt production and printing but I’ve also decided to look at other avenues such as animation and projection.

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from one of the technicians about some interactive software called Arduino:

Just incase you cannot read the screenshot:


Arduino is an easy to use, cheap technology that was made with Artists and Designers in mind to allow them to add an interactive element to their projects.

There will be Arduino skill sets available in two weeks time. The sign up list is not currently up but this email is to see what interest there may be from students.

Please mail me if you are interested in exploring what Arduino can do for you and if you have any questions.



Just enough information for me to develop an interest in the possibilities of Arduino. So I went along to the first skill set.

It was not what I initially expected…

What did I expect?

Well my initial thoughts were that the hardware would act as a portable handy projector but it was totally not the case! The skill set took me back to my school days of electronics and building circuits on breadboards! It was quite refreshing and mind opening yet a bit of a headache at the same time. Fortunately the Arduino kits do come with test circuits for you to build. That being said it did take me a whole session to build the basic flashing L.E.D. board which at the time and now I am still highly proud of.


Arduino kit



Arduino circuit board


Getting to grips with it!

The end result:

This is just a basic representation of what you can do with Arduino but the possibilities can be vastly extended Through writing code and buying extra kit for Arduino such a motors and controllers.

You can find out more about Arduino at

Also check out this documentary which I’ve just found on Arduino.

I won’t be using Arduino in my Final Major Project but it is something I will consider exploring further in the future.

Experimentation: Printing Continued.

So in my last post I showed you you the process of screen printing. My final printing workshop was digital printing which in this instance was used to print on to linen fabric to produce a scarf for example. Once again unfortunately i didn’t take photographs of the whole process but I will share with you the images that I do have.

Once again I had to design an image, This time it had to be repetitive but also saved as a TIF file for printing purposes. Heres the design I did:

This was then printed on the digital printer. Once printed it had to be pinned to a another piece of linen cloth and hung in a compressed steam chamber for twenty minutes, this was to help lock in the ink and to prevent the colours running into each other due to liquid contact.

Once steamed, it had to be washed to take away any excess ink and here is the end result:

In hindsight I wish I’d taken a lot more photographs but at least in future to this.

The same goes with my logo design which I’ll go on to talk about in my next post probably.